Experimental Work

Temporal Reference in English

I am investigating shifted readings of temporal adverbials like "tomorrow" in English. Ordinarily, these expressions use utterance time as their reference point, but in shifted readings, they anchor instead to a salient reference time in the previous context. I'm running experiments using Lego comic strips to explore how speakers interpret these shifted readings.

If you'd like to borrow the Ibex Farm controller I wrote to run my experiments, you can find it here.

Computational Work

Text-/Web-Scraping for Under-resourced Languages

I'm currently building a corpus for San Lucas Quiaviní Zapotec. I've been scraping Zapotec data from linguistics publications, websites, and Twitter using Python and R.

Phonological Modeling

I was the TA for Gaja Jarosz's graduate-level Cognitive Modeling class in Fall 2017. I taught weekly sessions on Python, and grade labs on computational techniques for psycholinguistics, like parsing, clustering, and neural nets.

As an RA for Gaja Jarosz, I worked on computational learners for phonological hidden structure.

I worked on improving the efficiency of the implementation of the expectation- and error-driven learners described in Jarosz 2015.

I also wrote a JavaFX GUI for the learners.

Programming Languages

I spent a summer as an intern for Dr. Nate Foster in the Computer Science department at Cornell University.

I presented results at POPL 2014.