I am an assistant professor of Computer Science at Wellesley College.


My research focuses on the intersection of language, cognition, and computation.

Within computer science, much of my work focuses on evaluating large language models for natural language and code generation. What are the abilities and limitations of LLMs? Can LLMs help non-expert programmers? I study these questions from a variety of angles, including model development, benchmarking and evaluation, and human-computer interaction studies.

Within linguistics, I study how context-sensitive meaning is encoded in natural language. I build computational models to understand how conversation participants use knowledge about each other's mental states, and use psycholinguistic methods to understand how people select context-sensitive expressions.

carolyn.anderson AT wellesley.edu


o I'm on junior research leave F24-S25

o June 2024: Non-Expert Programmers in the Generative AI Future presented at CHIWORK 2024

o June 2024: Two papers accepted to the Teaching Materials track at TeachNLP 2024

o June 2024: I co-presented Manuscript Connections at the Computer Vision and Art History Today convening

o June 2024: Parenthesized Modifiers in English and Korean: What They (May) Mean presented at ELM 3

o May 2024: StudentEval accepted to ACL Findings

o May 2024: What Parenthesized Modifiers (May) Mean presented at HSP 2024

o May 2024: How Beginning Programmers and Code LLMs (Mis)read Each Other presented at CHI 2024

o May 2024: EASEL lab member Anders Freeman successfully defends their honors thesis. Congrats!

o April 2024: EASEL lab member Sydney Nguyen wins Best Presentation award for StudentEval at the LLM4Code workshop at ICSE 2024

o April 2024: Can It Edit? presented at the LLM4Code workshop at ICSE 2024

o February 2024: StarCoder 2 released